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The Facts of Random Chance and Cancer Prevention

I spend a lot of time researching and teaching about cardiovascular disease (CVD), and I have found over the years that my students view CVD similarly: as the fault of the individual. Although this isn’t true (there are unmodifiable risk factors for CVD such as menopausal status, gender, age and heredity), many students perceive that unhealthy lifestyle habits … Continue reading

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Ask the Expert: Winter Warriors, Cross Training and the Cold

Is the winter getting you down? Struggling for ways to keep motivated or add in alternative exercise strategies into your workouts? A lot of runners question how to best train, maintain and increase fitness, and plan for the next racing season during snow, sleet, ice and cold. But no stress– we’ve got the answers for you. Here’s … Continue reading


Flu Season

Recently, this article in the New York Times about the intensity of this year’s flu season piqued my interest. According to the authors (as well as most epidemiologists), this year’s flu season is unusually severe due to “a confluence of factors: an early start to the flu season, with more people sick in December than … Continue reading