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Walk vs Run: A Weighty Issue

Photo taken by Amanda ZaleskiI was so excited to discuss some emerging research presented recently in the New York Times regarding the impact of walking vs. running on knee health that I decided to tell you directly about the findings in a video post.  Thanks to my intrepid reporter, Amanda Zaleski, for tagging along to the Trinity College track to film this for me!






One thought on “Walk vs Run: A Weighty Issue

  1. Great video! Nicely done. One question: is total force the most important variable in determining knee health over time? When I first read about the running knee myth last year, it seemed to indicate that runners suffered knee injuries at no higher rate than sedentary individuals. (though I may be remembering this wrong) Does this indicate that running triggers something to protect the knee or compensate for the added force? Or that force, as a variable, is less important than we thought?

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