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Ask the Expert: Twitter Q & A on Running and Heart Health

exercise-heartHere’s an exciting opportunity to talk about running and heart health since February is Heart Month! Join Hartford Marathon Foundation (@RunHMF) and me (Dr. Beth Taylor @BParkerTalk) in a Question and Answer Twitter session this Friday (2/28 from 1-2 pm EST) called “For the Love of Running: Exercise and the Heart.”  The forum is designed to answer all of your questions about running, exercise and heart health. For those of you who don’t know me directly, I’m the Director of Exercise Physiology Research in Cardiology at Hartford Hospital and Assistant Professor of Health Sciences at University of Hartford. I’ll discuss topics such as the optimal dose of exercise for heart health, whether too much running is dangerous, and the effect of running and training on the cardiovascular system. How can you participate? Right now, tweet your questions directly to @RunHMF, using the hashtag #AskHMF. Ask anything you want– no question is too big, small, random, or precise. On Friday, February 28, follow our feed on twitter from 1-2 pm to receive your answer, or tweet a question real time as you think of it. Please join us in this exciting hour as we talk about science, research, health and running.


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