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Beyond the Classroom Interview

Recently I talked to David Schonfeld at WWUH 91.3 for the show “Beyond the Classroom” about running, research, health and blogging. Click here to listen to the archived session or download the podcast of the first episode, which aired today (April 24) at noon. The description of this episode from the website is as follows:

In the first segment, Program #33, Beth talked about her background in kinesiology and heart research; the Center for Healthcare and Well-being; her courses in the Department of Health Sciences and Nursing; her blog (uheart.wordpress.com); her life-long passion for running; her scientific research into marathon running; running compared to other forms of exercise, for weight control and heart health; the risk of being too sedentary; the “metaphysical” benefits of running; the peak performance curve; physical and psychological challenges to the aging athlete.

The second episode will air next Thursday (May 1) at noon and can be heard live or again via archive or podcast. The description of the second episode, again from the website:

In today’s segment, Beth talks about running and aging; the value of professional coaching; recognizing the signs of over- (and under-) training; beginning a fitness program; “go low, go slow”; the interrelationship of athletic training and cholesterol-lowering drugs; benefits of the “Mediterranean” diet; understanding the inflammatory response; the benefits of preventive medicine; encouraging trends in healthcare.



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