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Avoiding Injury and Habits for Heart Health

HMFLast Friday we gave a seminar with our friends at the Hartford Marathon Foundation for runners participating in the Red Dress Run for Women in Elizabeth Park the following day. It was great fun– wine, chocolate, raffles and space donated by Fleet Feet West Hartford, and a Q and A on topics related to running and health.  I thought I’d share the most relevant points from the seminar with two easy-to-read infographics created by my colleague Amanda Zaleski.

Top 10 List for Avoiding Injury (Stacey Head, PT, ATC):Top 10 list

  1. Dynamic warm-up before exercise
  2. Stretching after workout
  3. Proper fitting shoes that are not worn out
  4. Proper bicycle fit including cleats
  5. Good coaching for lifting form and techniques
  6. Core strengthening workouts 2x/week
  7. Make sure to increase training weekly by only 10% to avoid overuse injuries
  8. Listen to your body and make modifications when needed
  9. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention
  10. Have fun and push yourself when you are not injured!



health habitsFive health habits associated with 82% lower risk of heart disease…yet only 10% of women do all 5 (Beth Taylor, PhD):

  1. Nutrition: Low saturated and trans fat, low glycemic load, high fiber, high marine n-3 fatty acids, high folate
  2. Non-smoking
  3. Non-obese (BMI<25 or <20% overweight)
  4. At least 30 minutes walking/ex per day
  5. About 1 serving alcohol per day

I get asked many questions about the wine issue. There is a j-shaped curve between alcohol consumption and mortality risk such that anything above 1-2 drinks/day increases mortality BUT anything below that also increases mortality.  In other words, there’s a sweet spot for alcohol consumption, disease risk and mortality that indicates that 1-2 drinks/day is a healthy moderate dose that can confer overall health benefits. Cheers!Alcohol


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