Ask the Expert: Technology and Training

Picture taken from www.lifehacker.comIt’s not easy keeping tabs on fitness tracking trends! Health and exercise apps and physical activity monitoring devices are a great way to motivate and measure activity, but which one is right for you? Well, we’ve done the research for you. Here’s an exciting opportunity to Join Hartford Marathon Foundation (@RunHMF) and Exercise Physiologist and marathon runner, Amanda Zaleski, MS (Hartford Hospital) in a Question and Answer Twitter session on the use of technology in training this Friday (8/1  from 1-2 pm EST).  The forum is designed to answer all of your questions about tracking health outcomes while training and determining which app or device might work best for you based on your goals. We’ll discuss topics such as accelerometers, pedometers, new fitness monitoring devices, GPS tracking, energy expenditure/nutritional assessment, and fitness motivation and training apps. Check out Amanda’s previous guest blog post on this topic to get acquainted with all the possibilities out there!
 How can you participate? Right now, or on Friday, tweet your questions directly to @RunHMF, making sure to use the hashtag #AskHMF in your question. Ask anything you want– no question is too big, small, random, or precise. On Friday, August 1, follow our feed on Twitter from 1-2 pm to receive your answer, or tweet a question real time as you think of it. Please join us in this exciting hour as we talk about the latest research on health tracking and running.

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