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Ask the Expert: Winter Warriors, Cross Training and the Cold

Picture taken from www.1mhowto.comIs the winter getting you down? Struggling for ways to keep motivated or add in alternative exercise strategies into your workouts? A lot of runners question how to best train, maintain and increase fitness, and plan for the next racing season during snow, sleet, ice and cold. But no stress– we’ve got the answers for you. Here’s an exciting opportunity to Join Hartford Marathon Foundation (@RunHMF) and the Fitness Team at University of Connecticut Recreation (@UConnRec) in a Question and Answer Twitter session on winter training this Friday (1/23 from 1-2 pm EST).  The forum is designed to answer all of your questions about exercising in the cold, cross-training through the winter, and staying safe and fit no matter the weather conditions.
Panelists will be the Director of Fitness and Wellness at UConn Recreation Michael D’Alfonso, MA, an NSCA Certified Strength Coach, personal trainer, avid runner and adventure racer, and outdoors enthusiast; and intern Deanna Dempsey, MS, a marathon runner and extreme endurance athlete.
How can you participate? Right now, or on Friday, tweet your questions directly to @RunHMF, making sure to use the hashtag #AskHMF in your question. Ask anything you want– no question is too big, small, random, or precise. On Friday, January 23, follow our feed on Twitter from 1-2 pm to receive your answer, or tweet a question real time as you think of it. Please join us in this exciting hour as we talk about the latest research on winter training and running.

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