Keep the Music Playing

I’ve written previously about how much I love listening to music when I run. I use a sweat-proof armband to hold my phone and listen blissfully to all the great music the world can offer. You can’t get much more inspirational than Little Chief’s Mountain Song!

Picture taken from www.wired.comHowever, all this running and iPhone using means that I am also struggling with an ever dwindling battery charge. All too frequently I forget to charge my phone and experience an abrupt cessation in sound when I go from 1% to the dreaded blank screen. So, I had to share this exciting product I read about on the Audubon website: a phone charger that can be used during running to power your phone. The nPower PEG works by harvesting the kinetic energy your body produces during physical activity (running, biking, and walking). A magnet inside the device moves with your movement and creates an electrical charge that is proportional to the amount of movement you generate. The more you move, the more power you generate.  A quick google search turned up other promising products that are not yet commercially available, such as a prototype for shoes that utilize a similar technique to charge an iPhone during walking.

This type of technology has incredible promise for turning our motion into kinetic energy, and won’t be restricted to charging phones. For example, an innovative company called PaveGen already produces floor tiles (click here to see the demonstration in Heathrow Airport) that produce and/or store enough energy to power surrounding LED lights. Our footsteps light our path! It’s all an exciting and really motivating reason to continue to embrace and promote physical activity.


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