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An Apple a Day…

My colleague recently sent along an intriguing and fun research article. We’ve all heard the aphorism: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And while it seems intuitively healthy and practical because fruit and vegetable consumption has innumerable health benefits, this colloquialism, like many, is not rooted in established scientific evidence. Until now. Authors from … Continue reading

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Simplifying our Rules

I recently read yet another research study finding that dietary sodium intake has very little effect on an individual’s blood pressure over time, in line with a growing body of evidence refuting dietary salt as an important factor in hypertension (except for a small portion of hypertensive adults who suffer specifically from salt-sensitive hypertension). Guidelines establishing quantifiable … Continue reading

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Vegetable, Vegetable

While scrolling through the National Geographic March 2015 issue, I found a brief synopsis of a research article analyzing the effects that various diets have on our carbon footprint. Researchers estimated the global warming potential of various diets by weighting dietary components according to carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide produced during production, transport, storage, cooking … Continue reading

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Food Scores

In a society that likes to quantify things (think test scores in education, speed dating rubrics,  number of Facebook friends), here’s a new database that could be helpful: a food scoring system of over 80,000 products that rates foods based on factors related to nutrition and processing.  According to this New York Times article, the Environmental Working Group … Continue reading