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Age is Just a Number: What’s Your Fitness Age?

Chronological age is but one predictor of health and longevity, and a poor one at that.  Substantial evidence suggests that aerobic fitness (otherwise known as cardiorespiratory fitness) is more indicative of disease risk and mortality, but the gold standard of measuring fitness is through a laboratory measurement we call maximal oxygen uptake (or VO2max). This involves a … Continue reading

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Reminder: Learn (and run) the NU Hartford Marathon!

Just a reminder that we’ll be giving a Health and Fitness Symposium at the XL Center at the NU Marathon/Half-Marathon/5K this Friday from 3:30-5 during packet pickup. The symposium is free, requires no registration, and is designed to help runners learn about psychology, injury prevention and treatment, and nutrition. Stop by and see us! Health … Continue reading

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Your Questions Answered on Technology and Training

I was on vacation last week, so am a little late in pulling together a synopsis of advice compiled from Friday’s Ask the Expert session with Exercise Physiologist, Amanda Zaleski (Hartford Hospital). The topic was training and technology, so here’s a quick rundown of the take away points: Apple and Samsung both have announce hubs that … Continue reading