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Tweeting our Happiness and Health

I previously wrote about the novel use of Twitter to predict geographic happiness, citing a study that used a geo-tagged data set of over 80 million words generated in 2011 on Twitter to estimate the happiest and saddest states (shown in red and blue, respectively, on the map). Authors describe their methodology as follows: “To measure sentiment … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Weekend Warriors

I was recently talking to a colleague of mine (Hi Dan!) who uttered this phrase: “I do nothing during the week anymore.”  He’s an avid runner who, because of the increased demands of family and work, is currently running only on Saturdays and Sundays.  I conducted a quick internal judgement question: Witless or wise? According to … Continue reading

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Trading Tastes, Increasing Waists

Immigration is a loaded issue in the United States, and it often is discussed in the context of health care utilization and expense. One contentious debate is whether rising healthcare costs in the U.S. are attributable, in part, to uninsured immigrants obtaining medical treatment in expensive emergency rooms because they lack health insurance. That particular … Continue reading


Doctor, doctor, will I die?

Estimating mortality is an inexact science, but a recent report from researchers at UCSF (Cruz et al.; JAMA. 2013;309(9):874-876) suggests that a simple 12 question index may be effective at predicting an individual’s 10 year mortality. The “mortality index” was created from tracking over 20,000 adults who filled out a national health survey, approximately 6000 … Continue reading