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Holiday Gift Guide: Good Reads for Researchers, Runners and the Rest of Us

There’s nothing like the gift of a good read: inexpensive, highly personal, and endlessly giving. Books can be downloaded, distributed, recycled, and regifted innumerable times, yet each new title is a unique present that says something about both the giver and receiver. Here are four of my top science, research and/or health suggestions for this … Continue reading



Coincidentally (or not), I received two emails simultaneously this afternoon. The first was from a friend who asked why I had decided to undertake the work of creating and maintaining a health and science blog. The second was from my father, who, in standard retired English teacher fashion, sent along a stanza from a T.S. … Continue reading



We live in an era of instant communication, where information on health and healthy living is an ever-changing blur of data, statistics, research and opinion. The purpose of this blog is to help you sift through that information as it relates to health, healthcare policy, and related topics in education and wellness. Happy reading! Continue reading