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Find Your Number

I adjunct at University of Connecticut, so frequently use their online databases for journal research. Not so exciting, but necessary. However, I recently logged on to discover a new resource they’ve made available…Statista! For those of you who don’t know about it, this is a web-based portal that provides access to statistics on almost any … Continue reading

running / Women

Estrogen, Blood Clots and Marathon Running

Marathon running is getting popular! It has increased 40% over the past decade, with 2013 yielding 1100 marathons and 541,000 finishers (57% men, 43% women). I’ve written before in several blog posts about our research at both the Boston Marathon and NU Hartford Marathon. We’ve been pursuing a line of research looking at whether the combination of air travel … Continue reading

Diet / Evidence

Vegetable, Vegetable

While scrolling through the National Geographic March 2015 issue, I found a brief synopsis of a research article analyzing the effects that various diets have on our carbon footprint. Researchers estimated the global warming potential of various diets by weighting dietary components according to carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide produced during production, transport, storage, cooking … Continue reading

Behavior / Evidence

Treating Our Emotions

“When we are over-medicated, our emotions become synthetic. For personal growth, for a satisfying marriage and for a more peaceful world, what we need is more empathy, compassion, receptivity, emotionality and vulnerability, not less. We need to stop labeling our sadness and anxiety as uncomfortable symptoms, and to appreciate them as a healthy, adaptive part … Continue reading