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Of Goals and Dreams

Here’s an interesting random fact related to marathon finishing times: they’re not random. They tend to cluster around 30 minute marks, providing evidence “that the majority of runners think about their performance relative to round numbers.” As you can see from the included graph showing the number of finishers crossing the finishing line at various times,  this study of … Continue reading

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Am I Sleeping?

 There are no darker hours than those spent trying to sleep but not sleeping, a condition known to millions of Americans as insomnia. Symptoms such as struggling to get to sleep, stay asleep, sleep soundly, and feel rested plague an increasing number of U.S. adults (an estimated 30% of us). According to a National Sleep Foundation … Continue reading

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Food Scores

In a society that likes to quantify things (think test scores in education, speed dating rubrics,  number of Facebook friends), here’s a new database that could be helpful: a food scoring system of over 80,000 products that rates foods based on factors related to nutrition and processing.  According to this New York Times article, the Environmental Working Group … Continue reading

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Age is Just a Number: What’s Your Fitness Age?

Chronological age is but one predictor of health and longevity, and a poor one at that.  Substantial evidence suggests that aerobic fitness (otherwise known as cardiorespiratory fitness) is more indicative of disease risk and mortality, but the gold standard of measuring fitness is through a laboratory measurement we call maximal oxygen uptake (or VO2max). This involves a … Continue reading